3D Live Vue how-to

This video shows an overall process of using 3D Event Live Vue softwate to make 3D glasses-free photos.

Making templates for 3D Live Vue software

This video shows how to create a graphic template (virtual user environment) for further use in the 3D Event Live Vue program for fast creation of 3D and Flip photos.

Auto making 3D scenes based on contour drawings

Use 3DLiveVue v.3.5 for converting drawings into 3D scenes for lenticular 3D photos.


Exciting and Unique Feature Of LiveVue Software

This is the feature that will become a star attraction at any event. Your customers can interact with your project or scene having a lot of fun. When you have hundreds of people around and want to hear a lot of "WOWS" and tons of laughter, then you will love this LiveVue Option in the LiveVue 3D Event Software. www.3deventsoftware.com

LiveVue 3D Software Features

The ultimate event software for anyone or any photographer who wants to add a "WOW" value to their events. LiveVue helps you stand apart and above all the other systems that are still in the standard 2D mode. With 3D Photos and 3D Animations now available to your customers and clients you open up an entire new revenue channel. Whether you want to add 3D to your event options or want a software that allows 3D Prints, 3D Animations, and 2D prints you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at the LiveVue Software. www.3deventsoftware.com

The LiveVue Depth Maps

What is a Depth Map? It gives roundness and depth to flat objects such as a body, face or other elements that need that extra boost of more realistic depth. www.3deventsoftware.com

Setting Up LiveVue For An Event PLUS Saving & Posting To FaceBook

This video shows how to setup your folders, save for 3D Photo Printing and 3D Animations. Plus a system for giving your customers access to their 3D Animations for use on their Phones, Tablets, Emails and FaceBook.