Make sure that a camera connected to your computer is available and chosen on the drop-down list of the Live VUE toolbar. To activate the Live VUE mode click on the toolbar, or run the following menu command: Tools > Live VUE mode, or press L button on keyboard. The virtual scene window with the camera capture mode will open on the second display.

To take a shot with a 5-second delay press on the screen, or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar. The instant shot can be taken by clicking on the toolbar. The latest photo taken will be added to the respective layer of the current project. To activate the Live VUE mode again press on the screen, or click the icon on the toolbar.

To instantly print the image of the current virtual scene press on the screen. The image with the image type set in the program Settings ("Kind of image to print") will be sent for printing. You can disable the Print button on the screen in the program Settings.

Three additional icons will appear on the toolbar for the Flip project type. These icons correspond to the current image capture mode:

- capture an image for both layers (Photo 1 and Photo 2);

- capture an image for the first (Photo 1) layer;

- capture an image for the second (Photo 2) layer.

When you enable the "Automatic depth map generation" option for the 3D project type in the program Settings, a depth map for the layer is generated when a photo is captured.