Clicking the "..." button in the Project panel (Lenticular / Print size section) opens the Lenticular manager dialog (Fig. 2.20). Another way to call this window is the program menu command: Tools > Lenticular Manager.... This wizard allows you to create a lenticular image of the required type, size and LPI characteristics.

Fig. 2.20. Lenticular manager dialog

In Fig. 2.20. you can see the following control elements:

  • Default lenticular list and/or previously added lenticulars;
  • Type - vertical or horizontal lens orientation;
  • Width/Height - width/height of the lenticular is measured within the range of 1 to 99;
  • LPI (lenses per inch) - this lenticular property is measured within the range of 1 to 300;
  • Note - description displayed on the lenticular list;
  • Default printer - select a default printer from the list;
  • Resolution (PPI) - selected printer's resolution in PPI (pixels per inch);
  • Add/Apply changes/Delete - add/change/delete the selected lenticular from the list;
  • Export/Open - export or import the lenticular as a file.