The work area of the 3D Event Live VUE main window contains several tabs (Fig. 2.9).

Fig. 2.9. Project tabs

The work area contains the following tabs:

  • Edit - main tab for project editing;
  • Gif - gif-animation preview of the project image;
  • Anaglyph - anaglyph preview of the project image;
  • Lenticular - image preview for lenticular printing;
  • Stereoscope - stereoscope card preview;
  • 2D - project image preview in 2D.


You can edit the project only if you have selected the Edit tab;

Anaglyph, Lenticular, Stereoscope, 2D tabs contain additional control elements for image printing;

Anaglyph and Stereoscope tabs are not available for the Flip project type.