By default, the toolbar is not hidden and is situated under the menu bar. It looks as follows:

Fig. 2.8. Program toolbar

Numbers in Fig.1 label the following elements:

    1. Create new 3D project;
    2. Create new Flip project;
    3. Open project;
    4. Save project;
    5. Save all resulting project images;
    6. Cancel the previous action;
    7. Redo the canceled action;
    8. Select tool;
    9. Hand tool;
    10. Zoom tool;
    11. Crop tool;
    12. Select a camera from the list;
    13. Show both photos (flip project);
    14. Show photo 1 (flip project);
    15. Show photo 2 (flip project);
    16. Live VUE mode;
    17. Take a picture after a delay (5 seconds);
    18. Take an instant shot.