At the top of the main window the actions main menu is located (Fig. 2.2):

Fig. 2.2. File menu options

File menu options (Fig. 2.2):

  • New 3D photo... - create a new 3D project;
  • New Flip photo... - create a new Flip project;
  • Open... - open a project or .psd/.psdd files created earlier;
  • Save project - save the project (when saving for the first time, you need to specify the location);
  • Save as... - save the project and choose the location;
  • Save all - save ready project images;
  • The projects that have been opened earlier are listed after all menu options for fast access.
  • Exit - exit the software.

Fig. 2.3. Edit menu options

Edit menu options (Fig. 2.3.):

  • Undo - undo the previous action;
  • Redo - redo the canceled action.

Fig. 2.4. View menu options

View menu options (Fig. 2.4.): interface elements that can be hidden/shown in the work area.

Fig. 2.5. Action menu options

Action menu options (Fig. 2.5.):

  • 3D effect - change the project type to 3D;
  • Flip effect - change the project type to Flip;
  • Set background... - set the background image;
  • Set photo 1... / Set photo 2... or Set photo... - choose and set the photo in the flip/3D project accordingly;
  • Add layer... - add an image for the new layer;
  • Delete layer - delete the selected layer;
  • Delete all layers - delete all layers from the project;
  • Tool - drop-down list of tools (Select, Hand, Zoom, Crop);
  • View - drop-down list of tools for the Flip project type (Show both/Show photo 1/Show photo 2).

Fig. 2.6. Tools menu options

Tools menu options (Fig. 2.6.):

  • Lenticular Manager... – open the lenticular wizard;
  • Pitch test... - open the pitch test creation dialog;
  • Live VUE mode - run the Live VUE mode;
  • Selfie timer - take a photo after a delay;
  • Instant shot - take an instant photo;
  • Settings... - project and software wizard;

Fig. 2.7. Help menu options

Help menu options (Fig. 2.7.):

  • About - open the About dialog;
  • Help - run the assistant;
  • Activation - open the activation dialog (not available in the demo version).