Version 3. What's new in Triaxes 3D Event Live VUE 3.0?

  1. Online software activation;
  2. Flexible settings for all image types;
  3. Interface tab structure: a separate page for each image type;
  4. Automatic depth map generation for the photo and depth map generation settings correction;
  5. New produce type: 3D (stereo) cards for the stereoscope;
  6. Two types of anaglyph generation and three types of flip image generation added;
  7. "Save all..." function for saving all image types;
  8. Pitch-test tool to identify the precise encoding pitch of the encoded lenticular image.

Version 2. What's new in Triaxes 3D Event Live VUE 2.0?

1. Interactive Live VUE mode for interaction with the user - Live Virtual User Environment. In this mode your client can see him/herself on the screen inside the virtual scene. The camera captures client's motions in real time and displays them on the screen. The client can interact with the decoration elements of the virtual scene.

Version 1. What's new in Triaxes 3D Event 1.0?

1.Quick mode of image adding enabling to add the photo of a client (shot in front of the green background) to the virtual scene. Lenticular image creation using the lenticular screen. Such images create the illusion of 3D or flip when they are viewed from different angles.