The software allows creating images of the following types:

  1. Anaglyph 3D photos for viewing through the red/cyan glasses;
  2. Animated (moving) GIF images that can be published in social networks, viewed on a mobile phone or sent via e-mail;
  3. Lenticular images made with the help of the lenticular screen. Such images create the illusion of 3D or flip when you look at them from different angles;
  4. Traditional 2D photos where the client's photo is augmented with the virtual scene;
  5. 3D (stereo) cards for the stereoscope.

Basic Operations

  1. The client stands in front of the green background;
  2. The client can see him/herself inside an artistic template on the screen (which serves as a digital mirror), and interact with the augmented scene and its objects;
  3. Once the client has found the perfect position within the scene, he/she takes a selfie shot by pressing the "shutter button" on the screen. A self-timer starts, then the software takes a shot;
  4. The operator or machine prints the photo;
  5. The client receives a printed image.